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Cloudera Data Platform Data Center with IBM

Cloudera Data Platform Data Center with IBM is a comprehensive, on-premises platform for integrated analytics from the edge to AI — spanning ingest, processing, analysis, experimentation and deployment. It combines the best of Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub and Hortonworks Data Platform Enterprise Plus, resulting in a fusion of the latest open source data management and analytics technologies now integrated to work together and optimized for deployment within the data center.

Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDP)

CDP Data Warehouse is a cloud-native self-service data warehouse capable of analyzing all data types—including structured and unstructured—and outperforming on all sizes of data sets while scaling cost-effectively—even past petabytes of data.

Cloudera DataFlow (CDF)

CDF is a scalable, real-time streaming data platform that ingests, curates, and analyzes data for key insights and immediate actionable intelligence. Gain real-time insights and actionable intelligence from streaming data.

Cloudera Data Science Workbench

Cloudera Data Science Workbench lets data scientists manage their own analytics pipelines, including built-in scheduling, monitoring, and email alerting. Quickly develop and prototype new machine learning projects and easily deploy them to production.

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