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Contract Number: NNG15SC73B
Expiration Date: April 30, 2025
Manufacturers Offered: Four Inc. offers many manufacturers on our SEWP Catalog. See below for more information.

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The NASA SEWP (Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement) GWAC (Government-Wide Acquisition Contract) provides the latest in Information Technology (IT) products for all federal agencies. The statutory authority allowing usage of the SEWP contracts by the entire Federal Government is NASA's designation as an Executive Agent by OMB based on the Information Technology Management Reform Act (ITMRA) of 1996, now the Clinger Cohen Act.

Four Inc. was awarded a SEWP V contract in the Small Business Category (Group C).

What is the scope of SEWP V?

The SEWP V contract's scope includes the purchase of ITC (Information Technology and Communication), Audio-Visual Product Solutions, and related Services. The scope remains the same for all awardees regardless of business size or category.

Who can use the SEWP V Contract?

The SEWP V contract is open to NASA civil employees, NASA contractors, federal agencies and eligible federal agency contractors.


The SEWP fee for all orders is a 0.34%. Four Inc. includes the SEWP fee in the price of all quoted products. The fee is not separately listed on quotes, as it is Four Inc.'s responsibility to pay the fee.

Policy & Procedure Information

Four Inc. follows the policies and procedures of each manufacturer we support under the SEWP V contract. We are able to provide greater detail on an opportunity-specific basis.

Ordering through SEWP V

NASA’s SEWP V Program Management Office maintains a Quote Request Tool that allows customers to initiate Requests for Quote (RFQs) to initiate orders. The Quote Request Tool is accessible through the SEWP website: In addition to facilitating submission of RFQs, the site provides many other tools and support information to assist SEWP customers with managing orders throughout their lifecycle. Additional guidance for ordering from Four Inc.’s SEWP V Contract, please see the Ordering Guide.

Fair Opportunity

Contractors will be provided fair opportunity at the individual order level as appropriate per FAR Part 16.505(b), including the SEWP RFQ tools. No documentation for the order selection is required to be submitted with the order. All such documentation is to be maintained by the issuing procurement office.

SEWP V Contract Questions

For general inquiries regarding Four Inc.’s SEWP V offerings, or for assistance with a problematic order, including post-order delivery issues, please email the Four Inc. SEWP V Program Management Office at [email protected], or contact one of the individuals below:

Four Inc.’s SEWP V Program Management Office
Bree Burk
Program Manager
[email protected]

General Inquiries and Questions
Deputy Program Manager
Ryan Murakami
[email protected]

For more information about the SEWP V Program, visit If you need assistance from the SEWP Program Management Office, please contact their Helpline directly. NASA SEWP Helpline: (301) 286-1478 / [email protected]

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