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Four Inc. and RunSafe Security partner to bring Cyber Protections to Critical Systems and Applications in the Public Sector

Herndon, VA, 01/30/204 – Four Inc. has been named a federal aggregator for RunSafe Security, the pioneer of patented, automated cyber protection software. Under the agreement, RunSafe’s software is available to the public sector through Four Inc.'s NASA Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWPV), Information Technology Enterprise Solutions - Software 2 (ITES-SW2), and its network of channel partners as part of the company’s boutique aggregation program. This collaboration combines Four Inc.'s expertise in delivering innovative solutions to the public sector with RunSafe’s DoD-proven software for software supply chain risk management through comprehensive SBOM generation and automated exploit prevention.

Partner Post: Yello's Blog on Why Maintaining Your Presence in Early-Career Hiring Is Crucial

The news of economic uncertainty and a possible pending recession is pervasive, and many employers are left wondering if and how their business strategies and hiring plans should shift as a result. For campus recruiting teams, this uncertainty is bubbling to the surface at the same time that most teams are getting ready for the busiest time of the year. Some are even preparing for a return to in-person recruiting after a few years recruiting early talent mostly virtually.

Partner Post: Anthology's Blog on How AI is Revolutionizing Course Creation in Blackboard Learn

In the ever-evolving landscape of education technology, course creators and subject matter experts are faced with the dual challenge of developing engaging and impactful training content while navigating the intricacies of learning management systems. The process of setting up a course can often become as labor-intensive as creating the content itself. Recognizing this challenge, Anthology is simplifying the course creation process and providing creators and subject matter experts with unparalleled empowerment through the AI Design Assistant for Blackboard® Learn.

Partner Post: Minitab's Blog Compare 2 Drone Pilots: Flying High with Analytics

In recent years, an increasing number of government and law enforcement agencies use drones to get a bird’s eye view from the sky. To be effective, drones must be able to maneuver quickly to their intended target. Swift maneuvers enable them to navigate complex environments and accomplish their tasks efficiently. The requirements to become a certified drone pilot vary by country, but all require that you pass a written exam on aeronautical knowledge administered by the aviation authority. Surprisingly, (at the time of this post) there is no requirement to demonstrate performance. So how can we compare the flight skills of two certified drone pilots?


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