Government Financing

Flexible payment solutions to help make IT happen

Four Inc. specializes in offering flexible payment solutions that optimize federal IT procurements. We enable organizations to continue operations and acquire assets with operational or capital funds, within their current budgets.

“What is Government Financing?”

Government Financing allows the Government full use of enterprise-wide assets today with a budget friendly first year payment which eliminates budget shortfalls. Finance charges are absorbed by Four Inc. and the total acquisition life-cycle cost is diminished. Color of money is no longer an acquisition issue and the Government’s final payment structure is no different than a purchase, base plus options.

Easy Steps to Government Financing

Government financing 1

Define your IT requirements

Government financing 2

Pick your preferred acquisition vehicle such as SEWP, GSA, ITES or OMNIA etc.

Government financing 3

Request quotes for your requirements using a base plus options contract structure; solicitations contemplating an as-a-service structure can leverage operational funding

Help your government customer solve for fiscal year budget
challenges with Four Inc. Government Financing.

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