OEM Financing

Flexible payment solutions to help make IT happen

Four Inc. possesses the unmatched ability to translate large, complex IT requirements into flexible payment solutions tailored to your customer's budgetary needs.

“What is OEM Financing?”

Four Inc. provides the expertise and orchestration that is so critical to manufacturers engaging in multi-year sales. Our sales team works harmoniously within your existing channel, either as a lead player or in a supportive capacity behind registered partners. Early on in the sales cycle, our experts will work to eliminate the risk in your deal structures and optimize their returns. Our experts can also step in at the last minute to rapidly evaluate existing opportunities with the aim of getting you the bookable order within critical times such as before the end of quarters or fiscal years.

Easy Steps to OEM Financing

Oem financing 1

Identify opportunities within your install base for a better out come leveraging Four Inc.'s capabilities: Net new opportunities within existing maintenance accounts, sell your product as a service, or build an enterprise deal.

Oem financing 2

Engage with Four Inc. early in the sales cycle to develop the payment structure that fits your customer’s budget.

OEM Financing Handshake

Talk to your customer about the potential deal structure and ask for a Request for Information or Request for Quote to be released for your solution

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