IBM Instana & Turbonomics

The White House Cyber E-O tasks agencies with improving their cybersecurity posture. Observability across countless systems and applications requires a trusted partner in multi-cloud environments. Maximize productivity and efficiency through IBM’s Instana Observability platform, which detects application and business risks affecting customer experience. Paired with IBM’s Turbonomic software, users can automate and ensure continuous performance.

Instana Enterprise Observability Platform

The only fully automated observability solution purpose built to collect and store 100% of distributed traces without any sampling while automatically correlating all components in real-time.

Instana’s Enterprise Observability Platform automatically ingests observability metrics, traces, and events and contextualizes all application, service, and infrastructure inter-dependencies so you can immediately take intelligent action on any issue.

Instana provides real-time observability at 1 sec granularity without sampling, providing data in context and dramatically reducing remediation time.

IBM Turbonomic

Turbonomic proactively assures application performance by aligning application demand with supporting infrastructure resources. Customers can continuously automate critical actions in real time and without human intervention, and proactively deliver the most efficient use of compute, storage and network resources to apps at every layer of the stack.

IBM Turbonomic software uses an application-driven, top-down approach to “stitch” your resources, such as memory, CPU and storage, together. It’s much more than visibility and monitoring; the IBM Turbonomic platform continuously considers how each entity, such as a VM or container, works with and impacts every layer, bridging silos for increased collaboration.

Turbonomic and Instana together turn observability into action, delivering automation that prevents application performance risks while maximizing elasticity.

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