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We Are Family: John Ralston

John and his wife Megan
Tell us a little about yourself.

I grew up in a military family and lived many different places. I was born in Berlin and have lived in Colorado, Alabama, Alaska, Virginia, and New Jersey. I played high school baseball at PVI in Fairfax and then at Rider University in New Jersey. I graduated in 2011 and found my way back to Northern Virginia. I married my wife, Megan, in 2018 and these days you can probably find us walking the golf course in Reston or coaching baseball/softball somewhere in the area.

Why did you decide to join the Four Inc. Family?

I attended PVI High School in Fairfax and played baseball for Jeff Nolan. Eight years later I reached out to Jeff and Greta and asked if they had an opening for someone with an accounting background which they did. I joined the Four Inc. Family in 2012. As to the why I chose Four Inc.? It was a simple decision. The people here have truly built a family atmosphere unlike any other company. I truly enjoy the work I do and the people I do it with.

PVI Baseball Team
What is your Four Inc. Story?

I was hired in 2012 and started working in the Accounting Department for Susan Anderson. Back in those early days, everyone did a little bit of everything. So, while my main position was primarily focused on accounting duties, I sent out a few quotes, created Purchase Orders and a executed a handful of other operational tasks. Over the past couple of years, we have grown and I now oversee the Accounting Department. Additionally, I work closely with Matt Carullo, Jeff Nolan, and Nick Calabrese within our Finance Department as an Underwriter.

What does a typical day as an Accounting Manager look like?
  • Tracking cash flows in 30-day intervals
  • Reviewing reports and tracking the status of all incoming/outgoing payments
  • Reporting and tracking all business expenses
  • Processing payments for Contract Vehicle Reports
  • Tracking Finance Opportunities
  • Supporting the Finance Team by creating, reviewing, submitting all Underwriting paperwork
  • Coordinating with Contract Officers on tasks associated with our Financial Solutions Department
Four Inc. Finance & Accounting Team
What has been your biggest accomplishment since starting at Four Inc.?

As a manager, I take pride in our efficiency as an Accounting Department. I believe that a great accounting team is like a great umpire. If you don’t notice them, that means they are doing an exceptional job. I am very proud of the team we have here at Four Inc. and our track record speaks for itself.

Outside of work, what are your hobbies?

Golf, hockey, and baseball are my top hobbies. My wife and I also do a bit of coaching. She played softball for George Mason University and continues to work with hitters in the area. I have been coaching at PVI in South Riding.

What is your best piece of advice that you’d like to share?

Bloom where you are planted. People will notice.

Here’s what John’s team has to say about him!

“Jeff approached me at the beginning of September 2012 with the idea of hiring someone to help in the Accounting Department. He told me about one of his ex-baseball players who he thought would be a great fit. It was in this same conversation that Jeff called John “quirky” because he chose an unusual song from Grease as his walk-up song for the high school baseball team.

John joined us in October and was so patient with me. I was a sleep deprived, new mom of twins, teaching someone the intricacies of a brand-new position. He asked great questions, worked hard and gained my trust. John quickly became essential to the operation. He is always asking how he can help, learn or lend a helping hand. To this day, he still asks every single day how he can help take something off of my plate.

As we approach John’s tenth year at Four Inc. I can’t help but feel nostalgic having the pleasure of watching him grow up here. He is a large part of my Four Inc. story and exemplifies Four Inc. being true family.” ~Susan Anderson, Director of Finance & Human Resources

“Getting to work with, and for, John over the last 2.5+ years has been a great experience. He is a patient teacher, yet holds the bar high by modeling excellence in all that he does. I have learned so much from him and look forward to learning more in the future. I can always count on him to help and know just what to do! He has a great sense of humor and a personality that I appreciate more each day! He represents the Four Inc. ideals so well, is loved dearly by all here at the Four Inc. office, and I am thankful to be on his team.” ~Sam Cassels, Accounts Payable Analyst

“When first joining the accounting team in 2018, it immediately became clear how important John is to the team and the company. For the last 3 and a half years, I have been lucky enough to learn and grow under his leadership. He has an incredibly quick and efficient work ethic and is always willing to help colleagues in any way he can. I have never once left his office without having my question or issue resolved. We couldn’t ask for a better manager and I look forward to working with and learning from him for many more years to come.” ~Kyle Purcell, Accounts Receivable Analyst

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