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We Are Family: Chad Morgan

Tell us a little about yourself.

I was raised in West Springfield, VA and am the oldest of 5 boys. I am a very family-oriented guy and love spending time with my parents and brothers! You can usually find us doing something active or competing (still to this day) when we all get together.

I attended Paul VI high school in Fairfax, VA. I played baseball for Jeff Nolan during my time there. I had the great fortune to continue my baseball career into college where I played catcher for Virginia Tech.

I currently live in Burke, VA with my fiancé, Alexa. We got engaged in June of 2020 and it has been the silver lining in 2020 to enjoy more quality time with each other. We will be getting married in the fall of 2021 and start our life journey together.

Why did you decide to join Four Inc.?

I knew Jeff Nolan from my time in high school. When I was asked to join the Four Inc. family, I did not hesitate. Having had the chance to get to know Jeff and Greta during my time in high school was a blessing. They are incredible people with a vision and drive to succeed. Being a former athlete, I have a competitive edge myself and a drive to be successful in every aspect of what I do.

After interviewing with the Four Inc. team, it was a no brainer to join. I had great vibes from everyone that I met throughout the process and am so glad I decided to join the team. Jeff and Greta had created a team of their own and every member was a first round draft pick!

What is your Four Inc. Story?

I was hired in January of 2014. My career began working for Bree Burk on the operations team. During that time, I handled quoting, tracking renewals and processing orders. A couple months in, I was thrown into the fire, which I believe was the best thing that could have happened to me. I had to make an adjustment to learn quicker and handle more tasks. As I evolved and started supporting more outside sales activities, I grew an interest in that. After a few years at Four Inc., I transitioned over to Chris Harvey’s team. I am currently supporting sales activities focused on IBM. I really enjoy the sales side of things and establishing and maintaining relationships. I also feel it suits my competitive nature!

What does a typical day as an Account Manager look like?
  • Phone calls and touch points with the government POC’s in strategic accounts
  • Daily touch points with IBM reps to discuss pipeline in various accounts
  • Quoting/proposal writing
  • Working with finance to model payment structures
  • Developing strategies with FOUR Inc. team/partner community
What has been your biggest accomplishment since starting at Four Inc.?

Being part of a team that continues to grow and succeed. As strange as it sounds, having the fortune of being at the same company for the past 6 ½ years is a huge accomplishment.

Outside of work, what are your hobbies?
  • Cycling
  • Golfing
  • Hiking/exploring new areas with my lovely fiancé
  • Spending time with my family
What is your best piece of advice that you’d like to share?

In life, never compromise on the thing that makes you happiest.

Here’s what Chad’s team has to say about him!

"Chad has always demonstrated he is a team player and he continually rises to the occasion when we need him most. He has done a great job soaking up knowledge from his peers and managers. It has been a great pleasure to watch him develop from a new hire with no federal experience into a sales executive that’s driving significant margins for our company. I can’t wait to see how he continues to grow in the future. We are very lucky to have Chad be an integral part of the Four Family!"

~ Chris Harvey, Senior Vice President of Sales

"Chad is such a perfect portrait of Four Inc. values! Over the past (almost) 7 years, he has developed a deep understanding & expertise in the industry through hard work, earnest listening, and strategic thinking. Chad applies this experience in every aspect of his work which makes him a valuable asset to his customers and business partners! Above all else, Chad is kind, mature, and lives out Four Inc.’s core values of integrity and family in everything he does. He’s one in a million and we’re lucky he’s ours!"

~ Bree Burk, Director of Operations

"Chad has the unique ability to be managing a multitude of complex opportunities at once, know everything there is to know about each one of them, all while maintaining complete composure during demanding times. His ability to perfectly wrap his deals up into a complete package and pass it along down the line shows his excellent understanding of the “Big Picture.” It’s truly been a pleasure to work and learn from him all these years. He’s a perfect example of everything Four Inc. looks for in an employee."

~ John Todd, Sales Operations Manager

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