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Partner Post: NETSCOUT's Government Use Case: SSL Certificate Validation

Presence of a self-signed certificate on the firewall investigated and resolved within 24 hours.


Goals: Maintain valid SSL certificates for all devices in the environment with a focus on internet-facing devices.

  • Proactively detect and issue updated SSL certificates in order to eliminate lapses in trust for crucial servers in the environment.
  • Identify communications with untrusted servers.
  • Rectify devices with expired or soon-to-be expired SSL certificates.
  • Gain visibility to the conversations being sent to servers utilizing self-signed certificates.

Process: nGeniusONE used to detect and report the status of all devices’ SSL Certificates based on inspection of packets sent across a monitored link.

  • Run Certificate Monitor module against the interface corresponding to the desired monitored link.
  • Alerts configured to send e-mails whenever self-signed certificates are detected.

Results: Immediate visibility to all SSL certificates for devices communicating across the link including count of certificates, days to expiration, TLS version for each device.


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