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Partner Post: Anthology's Blog on Breaking Down Barriers: How Anthology Ally is Making Learning Accessible for All

Author: Celena Westlund, Senior Marketing Manager for Business and Government Anthology

Using Anthology® Ally, organizations can create more inclusive learning environments by empowering adult learners with the ability to choose digital content options that work for them. The translation capabilities of Ally help organizations break down language barriers and make their content accessible worldwide.

There are many ways to utilize the translation capabilities of Ally; here are just a few use cases:

  • A global company is using Ally to make its training content available to learners in over 50 languages. As a result, the company has improved employee satisfaction and productivity, and expanded its global reach.
  • Using Ally to promote its mission, a nonprofit organization has achieved unprecedented global reach, capturing donors from all corners of the world and catalyzing a profound impact on raising awareness.
  • A customer support organization is using Ally to make its customer support materials available to customers in multiple languages. By doing so, the organization has improved customer satisfaction and reduced the number of support tickets escalated to native speakers.

As a result of Ally's remarkable translation capabilities, organizations can eliminate language barriers and make their content easily accessible to learners across the globe.

Key Features of Ally's Translation Capabilities

  • Machine translation: Machine translation is used by Ally to generate alternative versions of course content in over 70 languages. In this way, learners can read and listen to content in the language they prefer, regardless of their native language.
  • Customization: Ally's translation capabilities can be customized to meet the specific needs of each organization. For example, organizations can choose to translate only certain parts of their content or to have Ally translate all of their content automatically.
  • Accessibility: The translation capabilities of Ally are fully accessible to disabled learners. Using Ally, learners can hear texts read aloud or receive large print versions of the content.

An Inside Look at Ally’s Translation Process

A cloud-based machine translation engine powers Ally's translation capabilities. Ally sends the learner's content to the machine translation engine, which produces a translated version of the content in the requested language. The learner is then provided with the translated content by Ally.

How Ally's Translation Services Can Improve Global Communication for Businesses

Organizations are leveraging Ally's translation capabilities in two innovative ways:

  • User-level translation: Users can convert and download course content (except for SCORM) into over 70 different languages with a click of a button. This allows learners to access content in their preferred language.
  • Content creator-level translation: Translating offline content into different languages is easy with the translation tool. This allows organizations to quickly make their content accessible to a global audience.

With Anthology Ally, instructors can save time by creating one presentation or document and your learners can translate the resource with a click of the button. Through Ally, organizations with global bases of learners can cater to every individual's needs.

If your organization is looking to create a more inclusive and accessible learning environment, consider using Anthology Ally. For more information, please visit Anthology Ally for Business and Government.


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