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Four Inc. and Green Delete Partner to offer Data Security Services to the Public Sector

Herndon, VA, 6/3/2024 – Four Inc. has been named a public sector aggregator for Green Delete, a globally recognized leader in Data Privacy, management, and information. Under the agreement, Green Delete will be available to the public sector through Four Inc.'s NASA Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWPV) and its network of channel partners as part of the company’s boutique aggregation program. This collaboration combines Four Inc.'s expertise in delivering innovative solutions to the public sector with Green Delete’s expertise in identifying and eliminating data security threats before they happen.

Green Delete offers an extensive range of services encompassing data privacy, management, and information security, ensuring comprehensive protection for organizations' sensitive information. Additionally, they provide custom data breach liability indemnification for all their services, mitigating risks associated with data breaches. With the highest level of data eradication, asset reporting, and data recovery services, Green Delete encourages clients to seek recoverable value from all hardware types, lowering asset disposition costs, minimizing environmental impact, and simplifying processes. Their core business model of linking data security and sustainability assures their clients are contributing to a reduction in their carbon footprint. “We are excited to partner with Green Delete.” Says Chris Wilkinson EVP at Four Inc. “Their comprehensive suite of services, coupled with their commitment to innovation and sustainability, align with Four Inc.'s mission and improves the cybersecurity posture of government customers.”

Moreover, Green Delete assists organizations in digital transformation by migrating clients from outdated formats such as paper and tapes, to a custom digital retention model. Once the transformation is complete, they are skilled at securely destroying those antiquated mediums, thereby streamlining data management processes, and enhancing security measures. They also extend their industry leading expertise to high-end medical devices that store data, providing specialized solutions to address data security concerns that customers may not even be aware of. By offering tailored services and innovative solutions, Green Delete empowers organizations to navigate the complexities of data security and privacy effectively while maximizing operational efficiency and minimizing risks.

Green Delete’s solutions are available immediately via Four Inc.'s SEWPV Contract Vehicle. For more information, contact Four Inc. at [email protected]

About Green Delete

Green Delete, a certified Woman-owned Small Business, which brings together nearly a century of combined expertise in information systems and data security. They excel in preemptively identifying and eliminating data security risks. Their proactive approach ensures peace of mind for organizations across industries, offering tailored solutions and comprehensive data management services. Trust Green Delete for all data security concerns, digital transformation efforts and ITAD related services. For more information on Green Delete, please visit

About Four Inc.

Four Inc. is a small business boutique aggregator and has been recognized as a Top 100 government contractor on Washington Technology's Top 100 Report consecutively for the last eight years. Four Inc.'s expertise of the federal IT contracting process and their carefully crafted ecosystem of manufacturers and partners has enabled them to expertly deliver the right technology solutions and services to their customers. Through their proven experience and dedication to their core values, they have earned the IT community's respect and trust.


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